Check out this bikini line called Frankies.  Frankies Bikinis is an independent bikini brand featuring high quality, seamless, simple, sexy and avant-garde bathing suits. 

Frankies Bikinis

Make in the USA, these swimsuits capture a California girl style with a touch of Hawaiian flair.  The details of the bikinis are always unique and amazing.  Each swimsuit is uniquely designed by surfer and teen entrepreneur Francesca Aiello, a native to Malibu California.  These bikinis are functional and at the same time they capture the Malibu vibe.

Strings, Seams, Details

The outstanding features of these swimsuits that make them stand out is the unique string designs reminiscent of Malibu strings, and the seamless designs that give a smooth sleek fit.  You can see with this gorgeous example the flair that this Malibu girl puts into her bikini designs.  This one is called the Venice top and Venice bottom.  The top features delicate strings that look sexy from the back view and a sleek seamless yellow bottom in a oceanside yellow color.  These bottoms are rather skimpy and covered for modesty.  If you want to show off your hard work on the glutes at the gym, no better way to do it than this piece.

These pieces are super cute for the hot surfer girl, but not for the faint of heart!  You clearly have to have a great body for these little numbers.  The style ideas in Frankies however, applies to everyone.  No matter what swimsuit you buy be it a one piece or a plus size suit, you should always look for interesting details, strings that are unique, seamless designs that really accentuate the body, and unique pieces.  These concepts are exemplified here.  In this itty bitty bikini is some great style advice that applies to any bikini for any size woman.  Remember, look for interesting strings, cool details, beautiful colors, and sleekly designed swimsuits.   Young Malibu wannabe’s should check out Frankies Bikinis for sure.

Malibu Swimwear

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