fredericks-bikiniThis smoking hot two piece bikini from Fredericks of Hollywood gives us plenty of good swimwear tips to talk about.  Fredericks knows how to work the sexy and you see it 100% in this little number.  Several points to make about this hot boyshort style swimsuit.

Zippers on a bikini are so hot, as demonstrated by Fredericks of Hollywood on this boyshort inspired two piece bikini

Unique details on a bikini are what makes it stand out from all the rest.  If you want to go above and beyond the basic bikini you need to find one with style accents that set it apart.  Look no further!  The totally sexy zippers cutting across this bikini top and then up the front of the boyshorts screams hot, hot, hot.  It is unique, and it has sex appeal.   Sexy zippers are indeed tools of a seductress.

Adorable touches like the white color, cutouts and zippers rock this swimsuit

Two adorable touches are the cutouts that reveal skin at the top of the triangle top, and the boyshort style bottom.  You would think a boy-short is less sexy than a scoop bottom but this swimsuit proves otherwise.  What makes it incredibly hot is that the white color spells feminine and the boy-short spells I am different.  The girl that marches to the beat of her own fashion drum will literally seek a bikini like this one out.  She knows how to stand out from a crowd and her one of a kind bikini is going to make men drop their jaw.

Boyshort style makes a woman with a boyish figure look instantly more curvy

Enough about the sexy and unique style of this bikini, something only Fredericks of Hollywood could dream up, lets look at the boy short style bottoms in general.  Boy shorts, especially in a light color like this,  are not for the faint of heart figured.  Hands down, white boy-shorts are the hardest bikini bottoms to look good in.  If you have a flaw, it will show.

Boyshorts by nature are not flattering on most woman.  That means for the lucky few that have the figure with which to pull it off, she’ll really look incredible.  The general advice is to avoid them unless you are very, very slender through the hips.   Women that look hot in boyshorts are generally tall, and thin, with narrow slim hips.  If you have a boyishly slenderish waif figure, boy-shorts can actually make you look like you have more curves and be flattering. If however, you have hips, jiggle or junk, the boy short will only serve to attract attention down to that area and magnify the junk in the trunk problem.

They call them boyshorts for a reason.  They look good on a boyish figure – tall, slender, narrow through the hips.  If this is you, try a hot boyshort swimsuit like this to make yourself look more curvy and feminine.  You can pull off the white because you’ve got the slender body to put it against.  If on the other hand, you’re trying to avoid figure flaws in the trunk junk area, avoid this one style altogether.  Stick to darker colors and a scoop style bottom instead.

Fredericks of Hollywood swimwear

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