Are you wondering how to get that luxury look that radiates beauty and inspires confidence in a mature woman?  There is a trick to this look and this wonderful swimsuit photograph shows the essence of it.  Keep reading for the secret to that glamour girl mature style that makes you look like a goddess woman.

Upscale resort swimwear style

For a sophisticated, sexy and undeniably gorgeous look here is the trick.  You are going to want to select a bikini or one piece that has more coverage than usual, such as the one you see here.  Notice that this is not a string, skimpy swimsuit.  A glamour swimsuit is bulkier and has way more material than that.  This is the first trick to the cruise-ship or upscale resort look.

You need to find that swimsuit that is a work of art.  It should incorporate chic decorated embellishments such as rhinestone or fabric enhancements that coax the movie star look out of the swimsuit.  Here are some hints for ultra classy swimsuits.

Cross over bikini tops

OK so you realize to get more coverage not less.  Next, you are going to look for sultry styles.  That means that the top will have some unique criss-cross design or long ties, cross-overs by the fabric and luxurious two-tone color combinations or expensive looking fabric.

Belted bikini bottoms

This goes true for the bottoms of the bikini as well.  Notice on this bikini she has the interesting ruche top with the intricate cross over.  Now look at the bottoms.  You are going to want some sort of fold, braided waist band, belt, or other luxurious touch.  Voila!  You look like a sexy sophisticated woman.  Remember, more fabric, more coverage, but luxurious details from folds to ruching to belts and cross-overs.

Glamour girl makeup

Lastly, to complete the look that works at trendy pool parties, cruise ship decks, upscale resorts and beach hot spots, you are going to have to put some makeup on.  Your makeup is going to a little lighter but just as glamorous as what you would wear to the night club.  It’s night club meets sunbathing – that’s the secret to the glamour girl million dollar look.  Try it!


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