The new bikini line called Perfect Tan Bikini has designed innovative, out of this world swimsuit tops that can be worn strapless and are for the outrageous Jersey Shore type girl.   The bikini line is advertised as sexy and offering removable straps and special adhesive for a tanline-free sun tan.  Their new bikini line is being promoted by JWOWW (Jenny Farley) of the reality show Jersey Shore.

The tops come with reactive silicon adhesive and removable straps.  To wear the top, you dry and clean the bust area.  Adhesive silicone strips on the top is what makes it stick and mold to the skin.  The adhesive has paper strips over it and when you apply the top to your skin you remove the protective paper strips and get the adhesive warm using a blow dryer to increase adhesion.  Voila, your heat activated top will mold to the skin.  Now, when sun-tanning you can take the removable straps off and the top will stay put.

The adhesive will last through several applications.  All you have to do is save the protective strips.  Then to reuse, put the protective strips back on and warm up with an iron.  Press the iron on.  Your strips will be reactivated now take the protective paper off and apply.  If you are the sun worshipping type of girl that lies out at the pool and unties the top to prevent tan lines, this technology might be a novelty you’ll love.  The novel silicone adhesive and removable strap concept was created by Perfect Tan Bikini. 

JWOWW is modeling the bikinis.  As you can see the bikini at right shows both the neck and back straps removed.  The bikini designs are actually pretty nice – notice the dip in the bottoms which adds another sexy touch to the rear view of the bikini.  This line is for the girl that wants to go all out and be the standout jaw dropper at the beach.  A wild and crazy spring break comes to mind!

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