Protect your look at the beach this summer. You can wear sunglasses and also a sun protective wide brim hat at the beach, and still look attractive! Many women forego the necesarry sun safety precautions for the sake of beauty.  Big mistake.  They will go without a hat and without sunglasses just to look their best at the beach, risking sunburn and premature aging of the delicate facial skin.

Never fear, the right hat and sunglasses can protect your skin and also make you look like a million bucks, not like a messy schlep. Shop for crisp straw hats of sturdy construction with a wide enough brim to protect your face, neck and even shoulders. This fashion photograph is a perfect example of a sunhat and sunglasses looking spectacular along with her sexy black monokini swimsuit.

For a neat sun hat look such as this one, try to match your hat to the swimsuit. For example, black hat with black swimsuit, brown hat with brown swimsuit, white hat with white swimsuit. This gives you a classic sleek resort look that screams expensive.

The biggest mistake women make with the sun hats is wearing an obnoxious color that does not go with their outfit or swimsuit. If your hat does not match the swimsuit, try to stick with the neutral beige/straw hat color. This will give you the best aesthetic. Another tip on hats is to make sure it flows well with your sunglasses, purse, swimsuit, and also your beach towel.  Look in the mirror with your complete beach attire.  Does everything mesh well?

Keeping beach accessory colors clean, neat and simple will give you that enviable well dressed polished look. Avoid zany fabrics, prints, and wild colors. Instead, stick to the classics. One good place to find a nice straw hat will be at the nicer department stores.  They always have a good selection of sun hats on hand.

Sun hat

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