This adorable Hawaiian girl has it going on with an ensemble that looks casual and effortless but nevertheless fantastic.  The striped bikini top is what you would expect to see from a true Hawaiian girl.  Then she pairs it with an adorable skirt coverup.  This is really cute.  Do you know when you have to get up and get a refreshment and walk across the beach or pool area and you feel self conscious in just your bikini?  Well this little skirt looks adorable and you’ll feel covered.  Unlike the more touristy flower inpired wrap around the waist coverup, this little skirt looks like it belongs.  You throw it on and run around as you will.  No worrying about people staring at you, things bulging or falling out, or being overly exposed.

Both the bikini top and the skirt are the perfect look for the natural beauty girl.  What makes the skirt coverup so cute is the belt holes and the braided waist ties.  You’ll want to look for such details that make your swimwear and coverups look unique.  Were it not for the braided belt this would just be another skirt.  The belt, makes the skirt look darling.   Even though it does not go with the swimsuit top, it still manages to look absolutely great with it.  This girl is a natural beauty as is the photograph taken of her.

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  1. Hi there!

    I have been searching for this bikini for years! I purchased it from Victoria secret but my husband decided to do the laundry and ruined it.. i never found anything that was as adorable, and fit so perfect. do you know where i can purchase another one???? Thank you!

    • I LOVE high waisted swim suits, BUT- my mom wore bkiniis through all her pregnancies, and my sisters and I really love looking at the photos of her big belly, all out, beautiful and proud, in pools and lakes!!!

  2. I don’t usually speak up, being in your 1% male redaer category, but being a swimmer who trains 2Xs a day, I have some expertise here. I belong to a spa where I swim laps. Alot of women wear bikinis there and during the winter months it looks kinda inappropriate. My rule: wear a one-piece during the winter months. Speedo has an “Aquatic” women’s line, and I’d say something with a bold print would look really great on you.

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