Are you needing to hide love handles in a swimsuit?  Love handles are centralized above the hip and around the waist line area.  This area normally is higher up on the body than what a two piece swimsuit can cover.  Likewise, a tankini does little good in concealing love handles, as tankini’s leave open the love handle area of the body.

To hide love handles the most practical trick is to wear a one piece swim suit.  But don’t make that one piece suit look like the frumpy plus sized loud flowered ones from the 1970’s.  This is 2012!  Pick a contemporary style so that it looks like you are wearing the suit because it’s a beautiful sexy swimsuit, not because its meant to hide your body flaws.

This swimsuit from Swimwear 360 is a great figure flattering example.  The interesting patterns make it fun, hip and youthful.  The solid color bank going down the center piece and then the abdominal panel of the lighter cream color give the illusion of a curvacious shape and a slimmer figure.  Notice that the side panels are darker and are going to be more effective in downplaying the love handles. 

Another thing to notice here is that the orange faux bikini bottom gives the illusion of a two piece and more skin, even though she’s covered.  Again, the darker side panels downplay chub around the hips.  The low cut bust line and her earings also serve  as a distraction from the love handles.   Eyes are encouraged up towards her bust line and face.  This adorable swimsuit model definitely does not look old and frumpy in this one piece!

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