If you are looking for something dazzling to wear as a swimsuit coverup look no further!  You can find gorgeous sarongs in Indian prints that look bohemian and retro.  This soft looking swimsuit coverup features a retro Indian style print.  It’s a perfect look for shopping along the beach or eating lunch at a restaurant right on the beach or boardwalk. 

The perfect outfit for beachside restaurants

The fun fringe top, flip-flops, and accessories make the perfect summer casual statement here.  Notice how the sexy sarong gives a more feminine dressy and flirty look than would a pair of jean shorts or the usual sweat pants.  You have to love this stylish bohemian look.  One place to find gorgeous print sarongs is at art-fairs and clothing street fairs.  You can find beautiful batik and Indian prints at the swap meets.  Another place to look is at trading sites online.  This Indian print cover-up was featured on the Chinese apparel trading site May Cool. 

Sarongs hide a big bottom

A sarong can really hide figure flaws and cover your rear end while at the same time looking beach appropriate and fun.  This is a great way to be able to wear that bikini or swimsuit that you feel too heavy in.  With the right coverup to conceal the backside, women can wear more once piece and bikini styles than they realize. 

Sometimes a skimpier swimsuit with a gorgeous lightweight coverup like this one is more flattering overall than trying to buy a plus size swimsuit that covers everything.  The less obvious is appears that you are trying to cover up junk, the better.   That’s why this low key look is sensational while still being a great bottom covering disguise.


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