This La Blanca Swimwear coiled one piece skirted bathing suit is a great tummy control fit.  If you need to conceal and flatten the tummy area a swimsuit like this can work really well.  Though I am not a fan of skirted swimsuits, this coiled one piece skirted swimsuit does keep the skirt relatively toned down.  What helps is that the swimsuit skirt is in the same exact fabric as the swimsuit itself.  While not a solid color, this sweet one piece has a beachy look and absolutely slims the body effectively.

Swimsuit reviews

Here is a tip for women looked to flatter their figure in a swimsuit.  Read the reviews on a swimsuit you are thinking of purchasing.  Once you find a swimsuit style that you like, search by name for that swimsuit through Yahoo or Google.  Usually the designer swimsuits are sold at a number of different online swimwear stores.  If you find reviews, read them carefully.  Many woman with figure problems they wish to solve will pay more money and buy tummy control or slenderizing Miracle swimsuits online. 

Trust me if an expensive swimsuit is either fabulous or doesn’t flatter them as they had hoped, they will write a review having spent so much money online.  It is annoying to have to do a return and women will gripe about something that has to be sent back.  You would be surprised because you might think a swimsuit like this is too ordinary.  Yet it has great reviews online.  The reason is that La Blanca goes to great effort to get that tummy control and flatter the body.  Especially where figure flattering is concerned, sometimes you can’t tell by looking at the swimsuit just how flattering it really is.   Believe it or not, this La Blanca swimsuit is a serious best seller.  Why? Because it looks good on the body once it is on.

The La Blanca swimwear coiled one piece skirted bathing suit is available at a variety of stores on-line. It’s a little pricy but trust me it has good tummy control and its pretty considering its a skirted suit. I found it on a great site called Swim n Sport.

La Blanca swimsuit

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