This swimsuit will give you the illusion of being taller and thinner than you are and here is why.  The plain color is always slenderizing.  This suit gives the body a free lift because the bottom is kept simple.  That draws attention up to the top.  The focal point of the top is dead center at the o-ring which is adorable since you don’t usually see an o-ring in a bandeau top.

The real kicker is the ruffle.  That ruffle at the top is adorable but it is not just darling it is a good slenderer.  A plain color swimsuit coupled with standout detail at the top most part of the suit is just brilliant.  It gives her a free body lift.  If you look at the suit your focus goes right to the top ruffle.  Obviously she doesn’t need any optical illusions but the common woman might, and this suit does a wonderful job.

This Tyler Rose bikini was spotted on squido.  It lends the wearer a bright fun look that exudes confidence with the bandeau swimsuit top.  The multi color ruffle and tie back is so cute.  This tropical bikini swimsuit is sold at Couture Candy.  This bandeau top goes back to fashion trends of the 80’s but the sunny color, ruffle and o-ring bring it up to date and trendy.  Couture Candy definitely knows how to pick darling swimsuits and swimwear.   They do it  right.

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