If you have a D or DD cup bustline, then finding a swimsuit that looks good on your body can be terrifying.  The secret recipe to getting the fit right is that you need to find a swimsuit top that lifts, forms and supports properly, while still showing off your beauty at front and center.  This frilly Lucky Brand swimsuit is the perfect example of how to get it right.

Take advantage of your beauty assets

Women with a large bustline tend to want to cover and hide the entire chest.  Sadly what happens is that their bust appears even bigger and less attractive!  Part of this is being self-conscious.  Ladies if you have something beautiful going on trust me there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the assets!  A halter top bikini is the perfect way to keep everything supported and lifted, while at the same time giving that oomph of a gorgeous decollete.

First of all a halter top bikini has a strong and supportive band around the midriff.  This is excellent for D/DD top sizes because that sturdy band and underwire provides a nice base of suppose.  Second of all, with a halter top like this, the straps come from the outside edge of the triangle top and go up around the neck.  This styling gives the strongest supportive lift of all bikini top styles.  Everything is held up nicely with this strap style.  Thicker, strong straps are necessary and skimpy strings just won’t do.  Lastly, a halter top lifts, supports and forms the chest while taking advantage of the cleavage area.  It’s a beautiful look for a larger chest.

Underwire D/DD-cup “Mumbai” bikini top

This Lucky Brand swimwear “Mumbai” Underwire bikini top comes available for D/DD-Cup and costs $84.00.  It is the absolute perfect example of a wonderful halter top with underwire support.  Absolutely gorgeous!  I love Lucky Brand.  Notice how she is well supported and the little ruffle does just what I suggest, shows off the center of her top.  While Lucky Brand swimsuits usually cost more, you are always getting a great designer look that fits well with their merchandise.  This polka dot two piece bikini with ruffle really rocks the beauty.  I Love Lucky swimwear!

Lucky Brand swimwear

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