This monokini from Faba combines a two piece bikini into a one piece bikini.  This bikini is for the girl that has to look just a little bit different than everyone else.  She has a slightly different flair and is going to wear something  with coverage yet off the beaten path.   She would rather put her own stamp of style on her swimsuit than go with the trends.

The monokini which is a bikini and one piece hybrid, is more bikini than one piece.  The bikini bottom is somehow connected to the top.  Now, these monokinis if you stare at them to long start to look like a di-aper or something.  Never fear though, these monokinis have their place.  They are extremely figure flattering on women with shorter or squat stout legs.  You see monokinis typically have high legs at the sides which elongates the appearance of your own natural legs.  The legs are always hiked up nice and high at the sides on these monokinis because the bottom is being pulled, attached or helped up by the top.

This model clearly has legs a mile long however trust and believe that this bikini will make a shorter legged woman look fantastic.  Her longs will be naturally elongated by the monokini style.  Usually the top and bottom are connected by the sides but this one has it connected to the center of the top.  It’s definitely different.   Another plus is that the flowered top draws the eyes upward which would minimize any problem areas with the lower body such as big thighs, bottom, jiggle or cellulite marks.  The clean look of the black matches to the gorgeous models naturally dark hair creating an aesthetically pleasing picture.  The monokini is by Faba brand and was featured on New Swinwear Shop.

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