Neutral color swimsuits are lovely however they can get sort of mousy with the blended in color tones.   Are you wearing a plain color swimsuit thinking its a natural beauty look then all of a sudden a girl walks by in a dazzling multi-color bright bikini and takes control of the entire beach?  The solution may be a bright splash of color.

Unique combinations of colors and fabrics in very unexpected places on the swimsuit rule the fashion for this summer.  Odd ball combinations that you would never dream of seem to make a swimsuit standout in a unique way and that is indeed a good thing.

Bright colors do get stares. They just stand out and naturally attract the eye. But brights aren’t always figure flattering. Now the designers are figuring out how to combine the slenderizing neutral look with the eye catching effect of bright colors! It’s called color blocking and the designers are putting together totally unthought of colors to make a unique popping effect to the swimsuit.

Take this swimsuit example shown here. Gorgeous photograph of a natural bone tone/taupe gray color swimsuit. But to add a punch to this slenderizing base color, a bright pop of white and orange is added in unexpected places. This bright color punch to the side of the swimsuit really gives this bandeau to and matching bikini bottom a kick doesn’t it? Note that adding a pop of color adds a hint of curviness to a slender woman. It really draws attention to the figure and gives a vavoom pop to the swimsuit. Great color splash idea!

Neutral color swimsuit with a bright splasha of color

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