If you are looking for a casual cover-up for a lazy day at the beach try this look.  It’s a swimsuit cover-up shirt.  This looks like your boyfriends shirt thrown over the swimsuit and the look is actually hot!  Many polls show that men love a woman who is wearing a plain white shirt or their man’s shirt.  Now Newport News came out with a swimsuit cover-up shirt that personifies this beachy girlfriend look.

Casual white dress shirt as a beach cover-up

It looks casual and natural.  Of course Marisa Miller can look good in a burlap sack but this cover up idea is pretty cute.  For one thing, it looks casual and natural, perfect for a lazy day at the beach.  For another, it successfully hides the entire rear view and also larger hips or thunder thighs.  Very slenderizing.  Lastly, this shirt is great when you need protection from the sun.  It covers the arms and entire body.  Cute idea. 

I found this cover-up shirt from Newport News. It must be a good seller because it was sold out!  If you can’t find it in-store just ask your boyfriend or best friend to borrow one of their old dress-shirts, or purchase a man’s white shirt all cotton at a store like Macy’s or JC Penny.  Newport News always has great beachwear merchandise, especially for the real woman who needs a more modest figure flattering cut.

Newport News swimwear

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