Did you know that some slender women have horrible cellulite? Cellulite is not always related to being over weight. It is more related to genetics and having gained or lost a substantial amount of weight which leads to skin losing its elasticity. Some women have tougher skin that can bounce back from weight gain, whereas others are not so lucky. The loose skin drapes down and gravity forces it downward. If you don’t have enough muscle tone under the skin to provide a good base for it, the loose skin just exacerbates the look of cellulite.

How to minimize the appearance of cellulite

The first way that you can minimize cellulite is to do strength training such as the nautilus machines at the gym. Walking might help maintain a figure but you need more than that to tone up. You need resistance training. This is what helps you get a good foundation of muscle tone under the skin which always helps minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Unfortunately, a bathing suit is not going to cover your lower legs and so women with dimple cellulite have a real problem donning a swimsuit without feeling self-conscious. Never fear, you can definitely still play at the beach and in the sun. Just do what the famous do, throw on a yoga pant and pair it with a halter swimsuit top or a bandeuau top. This is such a great trick for smoothing and covering cellulite while still looking beach appropriate.

Flatter shorter legs

Try white as this really goes well with summer.  If white is too see-through you can go with black just pair it with a bright or light color swimsuit top. For women with shorter legs, yoga pants are a god send. They look great on the body and men love the look of yoga pants! While yoga pants that flair out into a slight bell at the bottom are less fashionable than the slim leg style, they are still big winners for women with short legs. Try them, and you will see how cute they can make a figure look.  The slight flair a the bottom gives a mermaid illusion and makes the body look shapely.  Cellulite will go from being an eyesore to being a body feature!  The reason is that the pants are stretchy and cover the bum area acting look a bit of  a girdle.

What is so great about doubling a pair of yoga pants as beach pants is that they really flatter a heavier body.  No two yoga pants are made the same. Be sure to try them on and get the best fit for your figure. The style with the fold over top looks great on women who have a smaller waist paired with a bigger than average bottom. Yoga pants really flatter curvy figures. So next time you are at the beach or pool, try coupling your bikini top with fresh white yoga pants and a cute pair of thongs with painted toes. You will look beach ready, without having to feel self-conscious of unconstrained jiggle. The yoga pant style is a great idea and they make for adorable and figure flattering beach pants. Woo hoo this may be a great idea that you may not have thought of!

This white pair of yoga pants are adorable, they would work great at the beach, just juxtapose her at the beach and you get the idea.  Try a cute halter top or a bright color top to further draw the onlookers attention upward and away from problem areas.  This gives you a free body lift and diverts the eyes from your cellulite.  This cute girl gets it right with a yoga pant sporty look.   Just know that these white yoga pants would work equally well at the beach as long as they are coupled with a bikini top and a dainty pair of flip-flops.

Beach pants

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