Paradizia Swimwear is hands down one of the most amazing swimsuit designers I have ever seen.  No matter what you look like, if you wear one of these swimsuits you will draw attention to yourself.  They are so beautifully made and individual.  I pretty much love every one of their suits.

What is spectacular is that this designer brand from Colombia goes over the top and beyond on every detail.  If you want makeup, jewelry and accessory ideas look no further than their beautiful photography.  This one is from Paradizia Swimwear and found it on Sunbain, a site that sells high end swimsuits. It’s calling Falling Star.

Paradizia suits are sexy but they do have enough material to cover body parts.  The itsy micro bikinis are near impossible for a mature woman to wear as they let every body flaw hang out.  These suits from Paradizia Swimwear have more material to them and can accommodate a woman’s figure more readily.  The mix of plain fabric with dazzle string ties, tassels, ribbing, edging and partial patterns is truly ingenious.

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  1. I’ve had a similar execeipnre. When I was 5 months pregnant my parents rented a house in Palm Springs and I ended up getting a couple sizes bigger J.Crew one piece. I loved it. Otherwise, your bikini bottom option w/tank is totally acceptable. I wore that also to the beach since I was prego during the summer.

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