I love this colorful swimsuit.  Though I do not have the purchase information on this particular two-piece, I will say that it demonstrates several summer Fashion D0’s.  This is a fun look that you have to love!

First of all this swimsuit is playful and colorful which exudes a zest for life spirit that is just infectious.  While this is clearly a wonderful model photograph, the swimsuit choice teaches us that a girl with a fun and original personality and sense of her own style reigns supreme.

Modest coverage bikinis are in, micro bikinis are out

Another thing that we can learn from this swimsuit is that the tiny micro bikini of the nineties is out of style.  A little bit more coverage like what this swimsuit offers just looks better.  Even when polled men said that the classic bikini with moderate coverage is the look they prefer.  It gives a hint of appeal while leaving everything to the imagination.  So when you buy that swimsuit just remember that it does not have to be a skimpy string bikini.  A supportive halter top and a wider banded bottom such as shown here, work just fine.  You can be covered a bit more and every bit as sexy.

Pink contrast adds a unique twist

Lastly, this swimsuit shows a great figure flattering trick which is to create a wow factor with a bright splash of contrasting color.  In this case the hot pink makes this swimsuit look unique.  If it were all black and white this swimsuit would look too much like a referee costume.  The pink however helps to tone it down and adds a unique touch to it.  If you have all stripes or polka dots (especially in black and white) it can be too overwhelming.  Working some solid feminine color into the look is more flattering.  What a fantastic photo of a gorgeous girl.  If I am able to find the “where to buy” information on this perfect bikini I will definitely re-post.  Such a fun look!

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