I ran across an artists web site called Ianardo featuring BBW women.  On the site he had some links including plus size clothes UK, plus size clothes USA, plus size clothes International and fashion tips for plus size women.

Iarnardo BBW artist and a good eye for flattering swimsuits

His site featured big bust clothes, plus size bras, plus size lingerie, plus size dresses, plus size apparel and of course plus size swimwear.  In the plus swimwear category his site features two swimwear sections for plus size swimwear up to size 22+.  I was surprised at his good taste in the flattering plus size swimwear he featured.

Being an artist that concentrates on large women, he must have a good eye.  I generally hate swimdresses and swimsuits with skirts or skorts attached to them.  I feel that a casual scarf wrap-around or long open crochet top is more flattering than an old-fashioned skirt swimsuit.  But there were some plus size skirt swimsuits on his site that I actually liked!

A built in skirt swimsuit that looks fashionable and slenderizes a plus size woman

This eggplant color one piece swimsuit for plus sized women was one of the swimsuits I feel in love with.  This does have a skirt as part of it, yet the skirt is not looking junky.  It is streamlined, smooth, and actually slenderizes this woman.  This is actually a fantastic look for a plus sized large lady.  The v-neck is sexy and accentuates the bust.  The deep jewel color is just as flattering as black yet way more youthful looking.  The built in skirt has a retro-sheek look to it and with its blended into the swimsuit look it barely looks like a skirted swimsuit. 

As an artist that paints large women, Ianardo definitely understands fashion that flatters large women.  A very cool site to run across. This plus size swimsuit is absolutely wonderful.

Plus size swimwear USA

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