This Jets 2013 Purity Retro one piece swimsuit is a 50’s panelled halter one piece bathing suit with wide bands, molded cups, peplum and lace trim detail.

Stylish, sophisticated and sexy, JETS Swimwear creates an elegant silhouette both in and out of the water. The JETS by Jessika Allen™ label, approaching its 30th anniversary was shifted to the forefront of Australian and International fashion when it was bought and re-launched by Jessika and Adrian Allen in 2001. It upholds a standard of superior quality through its heritage of craftsmanship and unique design style.

South Beach Swimsuits

This Jets 2013 Purity retro swimsuit is so gorgeous! What a fantastic retro style that is absolutely figure flattering! Yes it is expensive topping two hundred dollars but Oh my my, this retro bathing suit looks spectacular on the model. No surprise I found it featured on South Beach Swimsuits as their online store carries some of the hottest South Beach designer swimwear.   They have a great selection of figure flattering styles.

Slenderizing tummy

Swimsuits that have a panel or ribbing coming down the center of the tummy tend to slenderize as they create a color block on a thinner, inner swatch of the tummy. This comes at a price usually because they often feature the vertical tummy paneling in a totally separate color so it becomes a “give-away” that the objective is tummy slimming. Not with this swimsuit though! It’s got the slenderizing tummy panel but instead of a different color being used it just re-seams the printed material with piping going down the panel.  If you look closely you can see that the tummy paneling arcs in at the waist then arcs out slightly at the bottom/hips.

Tummy slenderizing piping flatters the figure and creates curves

This tummy panelling arc is a great figure flattering idea! What it does is make the tummy look the skinniest right at the center of the tummy (through the waist) and then it flares out at the bottom to accentuate her sexy hip curves! If you have a straight up and down figure this bathing suit will give you the instant illusion of a voluptuous hourglass shape.  It makes the body look curvaceous.

Deep plunge halter top with plenty of support shows off nice cleavage

Look at the top too, it is so adorable. The retro styling screams glamour but the look is contemporary and classy too! I love the flattering halter straps which are going to give plenty of support to a larger or saggy chest. Totally sexy. You can really take advantage of showing off the cleavage in this bathing suit. Halter tops that have straps at the outside of the suit towards the underarms always make cleavage look even bigger.  I love the fact there is a little lace accent sculpting through the middle of the bra area, because it adds a little frill and focus to the breast area.  This swimsuit flatters the chest.

This JETS swimsuit by designer Jessika Allen is featured is one of the best retro style bathing suits I’ve seen. Featured by popular online swimsuit store South Beach Swimwear.

JETS swimwear by Jessika Allen

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