Do you want to be a man magnet at the beach? Take a lesson from this classic picture of Raquel Welch. No matter how many years ago, this picture is just as hot as ever and shows us that some swimsuits and looks literally never go out of style. That’s why they call it timeless.

Be a man magnet with big sexy hair

Try Raquel’s big sexy beach hair! Wow what a look. To get this volume you’ll need a voluming shampoo. Blow dry hair big with a blow-dryer and round brush. Then, set with curlers for big loose sexy waves. Note that mid length hair has been researched to be the most flattering length on women. Take a lesson from her perfect length! Also, a cluster of side swept bangs completes the look and gives that vixen touch. Big hair balances out the body and can help you look slenderized when wearing a swimsuit. So, pump up the volume ladies!

Be a man magnet with a sexy bikini with rings

Research says men don’t always like the micro bikini. They like the classic two piece bikini with moderate coverage. This fits the bill of what men like to a T! The classic O-ring style is completely timeless and quite flattering. If a string bikini is too skimpy go for a more solid suit like this one that has the O rings in the middle of the bikini top and at the two bikini sides. The soft and cuddly material is a special touch that gives this swimsuit the girl next door look. Man magnet! You can’t even look at this bikini without wanting to reach out and touch it. The coverage is perfect as its sexy but everything isen’t hanging out either.

Be a man magnet with a shapely body

Raquel Welch certainly did have the rocking body didn’t she. To keep up with this woman you’ll have to go to the gym regularly. Eat a healthy diet and keep up with the exercise. What an amazingly incredible bikini photo of her. If I saw this swimsuit at the store I would buy it. Thought I would throw a little vintage into the mix here. Truly amazing photograph and I love the swimsuit, her slender yet curvy body and the sexy va-voom hair.

Man magnet sexy bikinis

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