This Monif C Fiji in yellow swimsuit is so hot!   I love Monif C plus size swimsuits so much I could just crash my computer saying so!  The Curvy Fashionista is one website that loves Monif C almost as much as I do.  Curvy Fashionista features hot plus size styles for the confident chic woman.  They feature Monif C for swimwear often and that is because Monif C gets plus size right for once!

Fiji in yellow Monif C

This Fiji in yellow swimsuit is absolutely great for hiding big hips and love handles.  Look at the bottom.  It covers plenty and with the gathered ruching any junk in the trunk is minimized.  The high waisted bottom to this sexy number covers and smooths down love handles and better yet it makes big hips look hot.

Perfect swimsuit to discreetly hide bigger hips and love handles

What is remarkable about this swimsuit is that the sexy two double diamond cutouts make her look like she has a perfect curvy hourglass shape.  They cut into the waist and give the added sexy shape to this swimsuit.  The top cutout brings attention to a buxom chest.  The second cutout lower down gives a small waist illusion and it shows some skin yet its above where most women have belly chub.  It shows just the right amount of skin in just the right place for a plus sized lady.

The sexy yellow gold color of this swimsuit looks great against a tan or naturally dark skin.  This style takes advantage of a voluptuous body and works it to the utmost advantage from flashing a gorgeous full bustline on top to exposing skin tastefully by showing midriff.  God how I love this swimsuit.  I just love everything that Monif C puts out there.  It’s plus size swimwear at its best.  Love!

Monif C

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