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Are you trying to find the best slimming swimsuit brands? You must check out the tried and true designer Gottex! I love Gottex swimsuits. This swimsuit is a perfect example of certain style aspects of Gottex suits that slenderize and flatter the figure. There are several things going on here, all good things.

Pareo with swimsuit

First of all, this swimsuit is modeled together with a nice pareo that covers large or chunky tummy, thighs and especially a bigger buttock area. Great look. The pareo is light weight and sheer but covers the problem area.  I love the way this particular pareo is so lightweight and looks like a flowing sheer scarf.  It is so pretty.

Sturdy straps swimwear

Second of all, the sturdy straps and construction of this swimsuit is meant to slim and hold the body together. In the case of the top, sturdy thicker straps hold the chest up and provide the right amount of support for the larger woman.  If you have a large chest you should avoid flimsy swimsuit straps and look for solid construction tops with build in support.  The uplift effect of a good swimsuit top is like a free body lift.

Plunge V-neck one piece

Lastly, the plunge V-neck makes use of her ample assets and draws attention upward with the bright turquoise blue lining around the V-neck. The dazzling color uplifts and the show of some skin makes this swimsuit look a little more open and not as covered up. This swimsuit would be great in solid colors too, but if you are looking for a sunny tropical feel this print should appeal to you.

Overall this Gottex look is indicative of the Gottex brand. They’ve been around for years for a reason. Gottex knows how to make the most of a woman’s figure. You can find Gottex swimsuits in the higher end department stores or online. Try Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, or Saks Fifth Avenue. This Gottex look is stunning and will make a larger woman look simply fabulous with its figure-flattering details and sturdy construction. Love.

Slimming swimsuit brands

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  1. I am a size 40
    Searching for a slimming one piece
    I am 5.3 tall. And weigh 60 kilos
    Fat inner thighs
    Small waist

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