I came across this slate gray swimsuit from the Australian swimwear store called Sequins & Sand.  Very cute metallic material.  Gray can be a great alternative to black for a slenderizing look.  I like the smooth clean lines of this metallic gray swimsuit.  The bandeau top looks adorable on her.  Notice how she is a good size girl yet she looks sleek, healthy and just beautiful in this swimsuit.

Plus size with a great chest? Try a bandeau style in a solid color

Strapless swimsuits for plus size women can be tricky however some plus size women have great chests and can pull this bandeau style off.  If your chest is naturally perky this plus size swimsuit look can be fantastic. Too much assets however, would be better off tucked into a swimsuit with supportive halter straps.

Exercise caution when shopping out of country

The great thing about shopping online is you can find swimsuits from different countries around the world!  Be careful though.  Always shop at reputable stores and do google searches to check out the reputation of any online web site you purchase at.  You are after all entering your credit card number when making a purchase and that puts you at risk.  Remember as well that buying swimsuits from far away can become problematic if you find out that you need to make a return.  What if it does not fit?  You need a store with a solid toll free help number and a detailed return policy.  If you can’t contact them easily from the US, don’t enter your credit card.  Call first to see if you get through, and google search the store before buying.

Sequins & Sand features kaftan’s, swimwear, plus size swimwear, beach wear, clothing, and accessories.  If you are too scared to purchase swimwear from out of the country you can still surf the sites and look for ideas!  Remember to shop extensively for a swimsuit and once you find one that looks great on you consider it well worth the investment.  Feeling beautiful and comfortable in your swimsuit is essential.  You want to find that swimsuit that you feel fabulous in because how you feel counts for everything.  Happy swimsuit shopping XOXO.

Austrailian Swimwear

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