An inspirational spring break bikini photo.  This dazzling rainbow bikini is perfect for a beautiful breezy spring break day.  Whether at the beach or poolside this rainbow fun type of swimsuit makes the perfect inspiration for a wonderful spring break.  The bikini accessories?  Friendship bracelets, and a rainbow blanket to kick back on.  All you need is the sun, and the pool, and you.

Urban bikini

This urban-style bikini look is colorful, urban, and casual.  You have to love it because it is such bright colored fun.  The bottoms have urban ties and matches with the cool cloth friendship bracelets and the colorful towel/blanket.  When you imagine yourself on the most wonderful spring break ever, does an image like this come to mid? 

This is a photograph that I love so much.  A swimsuit is not just a swimsuit.  It can be a mood, an attitude, an inspiration.  It can be spring break or summer.  It can be beautiful and sunny.  A bikini can mean vacation, a break from life, a pinacoloda and more.  When shopping for a bikini think of looking and feeling wonderful.  Think of vacation and the best times of your life.  Your good health, the spring sunshine, the beach or a sparkly pool to kick back at.  Loose hair and the warm sun.  That swimsuit you buy?  It’s what vacation dreams are made of!

Spring break bikini

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