Certain women have figures that are perfect except for one area which is the tummy area. It’s almost like they have a male type figure and the gut. It’s totally random but some women gain their weight in the hips and guts and others carry it more in the rear end or buttock.

If you are the type that has hip bulge or a small tummy, or even excess skin in that are after childbirth, this is swimsuit is a fabulous design. What is nice is that the fabric is light and area but still does the job of concealing flaws. The elastic down the sides will definitely help hide hip bulge. And, the puckered tummy will help diminish the notice-ability of a chubby stomach.

When you combine the concealing textures of the tummy and sides of this cute one piece with the sexy top, you’ve got a great figure flattering swimsuit. This is a great suit for showing off a nice chest and legs while down playing a chubby gut or hip rolls. The color seems a bit drab yet all one color suits are quite slenderizing. The skin tone color can actually be sexy as it blends to the skin and looks bare even though you are fully covered. Sweet!

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  1. These suits are really nice, excellent design. I don’t know what to say, the person who designed this he is a genius. Thanks keep up the good work.

    • I got the Athleta catalog in the mail yesdertay and they had some nice options for one pieces & tankinis with extra “control.” I also second the nod to Lands End. I think since they are positioned more towards 30+ women, they have more options for swimsuits to make every woman feel confident.

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