Do you have a problem area near the bottom such as a slight tummy bulge, jiggle in the legs or a bigger sized bottom?  Well if you are really self conscious or plus size you can always opt into a one piece swimsuit.  That should make you feel more comfortable.  Yet for some women they can actually do a two piece if they put a bit in ingenuity into their swimsuit selection.

Checkout this swimsuit combination.  To conceal a bigger bottom you can go with a looser bikini bottom that has more coverage and a little give to it.  String ties on the side look cute yet the sides themselves don’t have to be itsy bitsy.   This black bottom is the perfect example of smart bottoms.  The black is going to slim her down there and there is plenty of coverage all around, including at the sides.  The long hanging ties help from making the bottoms look too out of place with the top.  She’s able to pull it off since the leopard print has black in it.   Just remember the motto that to minimize problems with the top you’ll want to draw eye-ward attention down, to minimize problems with the bottom you’ll want to draw eye-ward attention up. You’re making a strategic visual distraction on purpose.

Now here is the optical illusion.  Her cute patterned leopard top with the pink trim draws the eyes right up to the top.  What does that mean?  Eyes are drawn upward and away from (drum roll) the bottom!  She’s getting a free body lift with this swimsuit choice.  It’s called a bait and switch and ladies it does work.  Obviously this gorgeous blond model has no weight problem to speak of (wouldn’t we all like to have her problems!).  But her swimsuit is one that would work great for the woman who has a few things to hide or downplay in the downstairs area of her body.


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