Swimwear coverups

Does the thought of wearing a two piece bathing suit almost give you an insecurity attack? If you are among the many women who refuse to wear a swimsuit much less a bikini, take heart! Women don’t realize that coverups are a way to wear that bathing suit while feeling less exposed.

Have you seen women in those skirted fuddy-duddy moo moo style bathing suits that are meant to minimize their weight? Such plus sized fashions are a dead give away to the fact that you’re trying to hide your figure. Coverups, on the other hand rock the beauty! With the fear of skin cancer and sun damage, women are commonly covering up. Wearing a loose shirt over the swimsuit seems practical because of a desire to limit sun exposure.

Feminine flowing swimwear coverup hides a big bottom and cellulite

If you feel self conscious try a flowing feminine cover up over your one piece or bikini. You’d be amazed that such a look can slenderize you way more effectively than wearing a skirted swimsuit for overweight women. You can even go in the water, or at least sit on the stairs to get your lower body wet while wearing a lightweight coverup. The bottom of the coverup will get wet but dry very quickly. If you want to swim just set the coverup at the edge of the pool and immediately put it back on at the pool steps or water’s end before you get out.

You can look great in swimwear and limit self conscious insecurities if you have a great coverup. Look for coverups that come in the swimsuit section of department stores such as Nordstrom or Dillards. Another place to find coverups would be at the local discounted women’s clothing store such as TJ Max. You can often find large, short sleeve or sleeveless light weight blouses.

Make sure to match your cover up to the swimsuit and look for something light weight that will dry quickly after being in the water. The cover up shown is pretty, lightweight and a miracle worker because it will easily hide big hips, cellulite behind the legs or a large behind. It’s hiding it without being obvious. This is way better than a plus size skirted swimsuit. Love it. Also, the photo is credit to Wenn best photos ever they take the pictures of all the famous celebrities!

Swimwear coverups

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