The color lavender works well with bikinis that have contrasting trim. This First Crush bikini is by Maggie May Swimwear and we located it on Evolution Sobe. It’s bamboo, cotton and viscose in deep purple and lavender reversed knit design. When you invest in a designer bikini this is exactly what you are looking for which is something different and unique.  No other girl will be wearing it.

The teal and black finish trim really make the purple pop.  This is an excellent look for the fair skinned auburn hair girl as you can clearly see with the model. She looks gorgeous.  The texture to the swimsuit is almost like crochet. It’s really interesting fabric. If you wear this bikini you’ll stand out yet at the same time look like you have your own brand of style.  It stands apart from the every day bikini and looks amazing on her.  The woven fabric with a lavender and darker shade of purple make it look totally different than your everyday lycra swimsuit that comes in a solid color and typical fabric.   Even the trim and ties are one of a kind.  The designer price tag on this sexy suit is worth it.

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  1. I LOVE retro inspired susiiwmts, but when it comes to the high waisted ones, as much as I’d love to rock one (I’m looking for a decent post-baby swim suit for our upcoming trip to Ixtapa) I think it would be hard to pull off. But who knows, I’m a firm believer in trying it on. A friend of mine wore a bikini at around 7-8 months pregnant and she looked adorable! I think if you plan on swimming wear a bikini (your torso will be underwater anyway) and on land just find a cute cover up?

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