So you’ve got killer curves and a nice tan. Then show them off in a head turning string bikini! String bikinis feature sliding triangle cups that often come with removable padding. The top ties at the back and the neck, and the bottoms tie at the sides. Usually made out of nylon and spandex, these bikinis tend to be reasonably priced and are available at most stores that carry swimsuits.

The good and the bad about string bikinis and how they fit

String bikinis go really well for the young woman with a good body. If you are a natural beauty such as depicted in this wonderful photograph, you can’t go wrong with the classic string. The great thing is that there is little fashion statement in the bikini so that the opportunity is there for your natural beauty to shine. This bikini shows off the girl, not the bikini. That is a good thing.

On the down side, string bikinis require a nice figure. If you have figure flaws then you may want to opt for a bikini that has more coverage. The worst is when a girls breasts fall out of the bikini top. If you bulge out at the cleavage or worse even at the under bottom of the top it really isen’t flattering. If you constantly have to look down and adjust the triangle top then this may not be the bikini for you. Try a halter top style instead which gives better coverage and support.

String bikinis are classic but they are unforgiving and not to be worn unless you do have a nice figure. Girls that are still in juniors tend to look really cute in string bikinis. The triangle top looks great on a smaller chest.  Older women or those with bigger cup-size may want to avoid them. Not all string bikinis are the same because some have way smaller triangles and less bottom coverage. If you like a string bikini but you are falling out of it try going up by one size to the next sizing. Try different styles and brands as well since some triangle tops give better coverage than others.  Pay attention to the bottom coverage since scoop bottoms cover the rear better than Brazilian bottoms.

Another idea is to purchase the top and bottom as separates. That way you can get the right size for your top and then a different size for your bottom in the case where your figure is built differently on bottom and top. If your top or bottom just can’t pull off the string bikini style consider wearing just a string bikini top or just a string bikini bottom. Pair the one string piece with a top (or bottom) that covers more.  This way you can get the sexy effect of the string by wearing top or bottom as string, without sacrificing coverage on the other piece.

String bikini fit

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