Are you a woman with large thighs? If you are, you know that this is one of the hardest figure flaws to conceal with just a swimsuit. There are a few tricks you can try. Sticking with darker solid colors on the bottom portion of the swimsuit helps, as can drawing attention upwards and to the chest with a bright top portion of the suit. Working for example your cleavage creates a visual distract from the lower body. Do this with an interesting top, plunging neckline, strap and neckline detailing, or bright vibrant colors.

Sarongs work wonders for slimming down the appearance heavy thighs

One great coverup for larger thighs is a sarong! Sarongs are sexy, beach appropriate and so becoming that it really does not look like you are trying to hide anything when you wear a sarong. I love sarongs for the lower body. This beautiful picture from Miss World shows that sarong covered swimsuits are every bit as engaging as the bare it all bikini. I loved the recent toned down Miss World look and feel that the contestants looked simply stunning, with something left to the imagination.

The key to a great sarong for heavy thighs is that you get an attractive, comfortable, flattering fit. A good size/fit is essential because if your sarong is too small you bulge out and actually draw attention to that area. Teeny little wrap sarongs that sometimes come with the swimsuit are going to be too small. Large, heavy fabric sarongs are going to create way too much bulk and look too moo-moo.

The best sarong for thigh slimming is going to have ample material but in a flowing, lightweight airy fabric. This will create a light, breezy and air effect. Look for a sheer flowing fabric that drapes nicely on the body. Lace, sheer, netted, or a lightweight cotton material work well. If you are going on a holiday, or just taking a trip to the beach, a sarong is going to be great cover that is cheap and takes up no space in your bag.

Buy a sarong

To put on a sarong hold it around the back of your waist and bring to the front to wrap. Tie a double know at the front or side around your hips to secure. Spend some time shopping for a gorgeous sarong. You want a color that either blends or contrasts in a fun way with your swimsuit or bikini. For a sassy look pair the sarong with nude color sandals that have a bit of a wedge heel as the extra inch or two will make you look taller and give the illusion of nice long legs.

Art fairs or outdoor shopping where unique clothing is sold often carry the best sarongs. Don’t be afraid to spend more money on a luxurious sarong if the fit, size, and color are beautiful. You will likely make good use of that beautiful boutique sarong for years to come. Sarongs are fantastic for modesty, to slim down larger thighs, and will make walking to the concession stand something you won’t feel self-conscious doing.  The gorgeous sarong picture shown is from the Miss World pageant.  The contestants looked amazing as this photograph demonstrates.  Notice her sarong fit as it is long, covers, but lightweight and snug to the body for a perfect 10 sarong look.


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