This South Beach Solids faux-wrap swimsuit designed by Kenneth Cole New York teaches a lesson in figure slimming.  Now looking at this swimsuit on a hanger it would look rather boring and even bulky.  But if you tried it on, it might look nice.  Any swimsuit with a wrap around sash-ed waist is going to do wonders for a big tummy and/or love handles.  It totally hides, conceals and smooths them down.

If you’re flat chested but at the same time have a tummy or love handles to conceal, then buying a swimsuit can be tricky.  The plunging neck line looks great on a flat chested woman.  You can make a flat chest look incredibly sexy in a one piece with a plunging neckline.  But if you add to that a pudgy tummy or big hips, a skimpy plunge neck suit can show all the bulges if the fabric is smooth.  That’s where this suit comes in.  The neckline is cute but the body has the faux wrap around material that hides pudgy.  The solid one color in the darker gray is great too as an alternative to black.  That’s why Kenneth Cole does so well, their ideas are right on!

Ladies if you are flat chested with tummy or hip pudge then look for a plunging v-neck swim suit that has a sashed, ruched, faux or real wrap around waist.  It will make your smaller chest look incredibly sexy, hide your lower body flaws and you’ll look and feel great overall in this type of swimsuit style.

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