Swimsuits with print fabric that has designs such as flowers, swirls, checks, stripes and patterns are the hardest to get right.  There is a fine line between fabulous printed swimwear, and swimwear that makes you look like a tacky tourist.

This sunny print is an example of a print done right.  The swimsuit is by designer Trina Turk.  On this girl the swimsuit spells classy.  She looks gorgeous yet she is clearly saying I don’t have to let it all hang out to impress.  She’s tucked in and completely out of the realm of the skimpy bikini.  At the same time, the print is pretty on her.  It leaves something to the imagination and she has that I’m taken look.  You’d imagine a girl like this with a gorgeous husband or boyfriend glued to her side. 

The way that the waist is left specifically white is wonderful.  It makes her waist look much thinner since the blue pattern discontinues there and becomes pure white.  The off the shoulder look adds a touch of pizazz.  This swimsuit overall is a very classy look.  It would be something to consider as a plus sized woman too. This suit would look flattering on a plump figure. The back is open which adds subtle sexiness to it.  Very flattering!

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  1. Where do I find this swimsuit in a small size? It is fabulous! Trina Turk one shoulder. I’ve looked on her site.

    • I know I love this one too – found it found it by searching around for flattering one shoulder styles. You’ll have to email them and ask if they still carry the one-shoulder one piece in white with the leaf details. Maybe you can find it on Ebay or Etsy too but you have to be comfortable with ordering from them to do it. I think it was available in department stores … I’ll search for it in the online stores too and let you know if I find it still available Good luck!

  2. I can’t find this suit. Trina Turk one shoulder. Help!

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