Hiding big hips in a swimsuit is not as hard as you think! One of the great secrets for minimizing this figure type is to embrace the curves. Rather than trying to block the wide hips out with a smock tankini top or skirted swimsuit, the key to hiding big hips is to create curves that contrast againt the wideness which helps balance things out.

Hide wide hips

This wonderful Miraclesuit shows intelligent styling so as to hide her large hips. The way this is done is by embracing her curves and creating an hourglass waist line. The stategic outer layer of this swimsuit cinches her body in at the waist. The result is that her wide hips are balanced out and minimized visually by the cute cinched in waist.  Now instead of looking like shw has wide hips, she looks like she has a gorgeous voluptuous figure!

Miraclesuits are wonderful for plus size women and trust me quite ingenious designing goes into Miracle swimwear swimsuits. The designers know about the basic figure problems that women face. They specifically design swimsuits, tankinis, and a range of classy sarongs to hide common figure flaws.  You pay for the intelligent designs and sturdy fabrics.

Miracle swimsuits are a plus size revelation for women. The BBW woman who needs a specially constructed swimming suit can now look incredible at the beach or poolside in a swimsuit that gives her confidence to step out. The level of quality and design in these swimsuits does indeed make them cost more money however you can find sales and discounts by cruising the various swimsuit stores online. Try stores like Eddie Bauer, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Saks, and Bloomingdales. I’ve also seen a good selection at at Fig Leaves and Cyberwim, both online swimsuit retailers that ship world wide.

Miraclesuit swimsuits

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