This UjENA halter bikini is so wonderful because it gives plenty of coverage and works in many situations.  Are you going for a bike ride on the board walk, or for a date walking around Venice Beach, or are you going rollerblading?  If so, you need a swimsuit that is sporty and provides you with ample support and coverage while still helping you to look stunning.  Look no further, as this boy-short halter bikini fits the bill?

Halter top for large bust

A supportive halter top is the perfect swimsuit top for a large bust.  The banded bottom gives plenty of support and the halter tie at neck and back can let you get the right amount of lift and tuck.  This particular halter style also comes with removable padding, ties at neck and back, fully lined, banded at the bustline, and the color is a matte black nylon/Lycra material.

The best swimsuit for a larger bust is one that has enough material to cover you, and enough support to hold everything in place firmly.  At the same time, the cleavage still shows as a peekaboo (stars cover the photo for modesty).  This swimsuit is incredibly sexy, sporty, and appropriate for a wide variety of beach activities from volleyball to bike riding.  In fact, the black short/bottoms are perfect for being seated on a bicycle.  You’ll be held in place, ready for a sporty activity and looking fine in this UjENA swimsuit.

Men love bikinis that leave something to the imagination

Men do love bikinis but they also love bikinis that leave something to the imagination too.  Swimsuits like this are favorites for men because they want to see the girl they are with looking great but also covered to a certain extent.  While they love skimpy swimsuits no doubt, when it comes to girlfriend-material a man wants a reasonable amount of coverage.  He wants a girl who can have fun, let go, and not be fussing with hanging out of her bikini.  This swimsuit works and is the perfect look that your boyfriend will love to see you in.  It’s sexy but at the ame time its low-maintenance, which men love love love.

UjENA halter top and boyshort bikini

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