This adorable one piece yellow swimsuit features halter tie, cinched side ties, inner mesh, and is finished with an attached bikini bottom.  The material is Nylon, Spandex and Polyester mix.  The sunny yellow color can be a nice change from black and dark colors.  Even with the brighter color yellow, this swimsuit can slenderize a woman who needs to hide a little extra weight.  At the same time it slenderizes, it still looks airy, cheerful, and playful for summer time fun.

Colorful yet slenderizing one-piece cinched swimsuit

While this is not a tankini two piece, this one-piece swimsuit looks like it is one.  This swimsuit style can help flatter a figure if you have a big bottom, hips or thighs that you want to visually downplay.  Obviously your legs will still show with this style, but there is an optical illusion that this swimsuit offers to slim them down rather than cover them. 

The slenderizing trick is that this swimsuit flares just below the waist with the way the top sits.  The top is wides at the hip point.  It looks like a separate top with the cute scrunching side ties that can hang down at hip level.  Because the top flares out below the waist at the hip, bigger thighs and legs are going to look smaller than the hips.  It’s the fact that the top and the scrunch sides hang out and over that makes the legs look thinner in comparison.  This can help to make saddlebags and a big buttock look smaller.  The hanging ties are also good for breaking up and downplaying bigger love handles above the hips and thick thighs below the hips.

Similarly in the back, a larger bottom is played down because the shirt overlaps outwards at below the waist.  This is going to make the bottom of the body look smaller as chub won’t be bulging out more than the top is at its ending point.  In fact, legs and buttock are going to run slimmer and on the inside of where the top hangs over at the hip.  Another nice thing about the top is that it has uplifting and breast holding halter ties.  Halter ties always hold your chest up nicely and help to visually balance out a heavier bottom portion of your body. 

All in all this is a very cute swimsuit for a woman who wants to hide some junk in the trunk while at the same time wear something fun, light and appropriate for playful pool or beach fun.  I found this swimsuit featured at Ami Clubwear in their swimwear section of the online store.  Ami Clubwear’s online store carries clothing, shoes, swimsuits, and accessories.  Ami follows the new fashion trends and their swimsuits are always trendy and well priced, usually less than 50 dollars.

Ami Clubwear

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  1. Would love to order this yellow one piece bathing suit…How would I do that?

  2. I would like to order this yellow One piece bathing suit.

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