Paradizia Swimwear is hands down one of the most amazing swimsuit designers I have ever seen.  No matter what you look like, if you wear one of these swimsuits you will draw attention to yourself.  They are so beautifully made and individual.  I pretty much love every one of their suits.

What is spectacular is that this designer brand from Colombia goes over the top and beyond on every detail.  If you want makeup, jewelry and accessory ideas look no further than their beautiful photography.  This one is from Paradizia Swimwear and found it on Sunbain, a site that sells high end swimsuits. It’s calling Falling Star.

Paradizia suits are sexy but they do have enough material to cover body parts.  The itsy micro bikinis are near impossible for a mature woman to wear as they let every body flaw hang out.  These suits from Paradizia Swimwear have more material to them and can accommodate a woman’s figure more readily.  The mix of plain fabric with dazzle string ties, tassels, ribbing, edging and partial patterns is truly ingenious.


This figure flattering swimsuit from Sauvage Swimwear puts together several figure flattering swimsuit concepts together into one stellar two piece bikini. First of all, the solid color bottom always slenderizes. The side ties make the hips look hot! Couple that with the decorative top and you get a free body lift. See how the eyes are naturally drawn upward on this suit? The decorative details on the top make this a perfect click for a flat chested woman. Ladies with a smaller cup size are going to look great in this.

If you are a woman with a small chest and a little junk in the trunk that needs downplay, this suit is a match made in heaven for you. Swimsuit designer Suavage Swimwear wins on this one. For a poor girls alternative, shop for top and bottom separates and apply the same concepts. Look for a flattering bottom in a solid color with nice hanging side ties. Pair with a complimentary top with decorative details to draw eyes up, lift the body, and accentuate small breasts. Winning!


Swimsuit designer Paula Saavedra has some really incredible designs in her online boutique called Cafe Swimwear.  She take the mix and match to a whole new level.  You’ll have a bikini bottom with intricate side tie details coupled with a different color top or top with a complimentary pattern that has accents which tie together with the bikini bottom.   This designer really knows what looks good on women.

Caffe Swimwear was introduced to me when I stumbled across this gorgeous orange and tan bikini on a site called Style Hive.  Style Hive is a fashion groupie site where  you can find favorite brands, style experts and stylish people post clothing and designs from around the world that they like.  That’s how I found out about Caffe Swimwear.  When you look at bikinis all day long they can all start to look the same.  The odd yet cool color combination here along with the texture roped trim makes this a bathing suit one that really stands out.  Caffe Swimwear has very gorgeous designs indeed.

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