Do you have a slim figure that you want to make look like it has more curve appeal?  One way to do this is to create pattern changes on the sides of the bikini bottom and at the center of the bikini top.  In this example the solid pink connectors at the side and top break up the bright pattern.  The result is that her dainty figure looks more curvy.   You can get this illusion with string ties at the side too however this look is quite cute and clean with the practical solid pink banding.  She looks darling in this bathing suit.

If you are younger and want to wear a colorful string bikini that does at least cover your body adequately to let you run and play, this one is adorable.  This bright color bikini is from Delias.  Delias sells junior swimwear, cover-ups and beach dresses for your summer wardrobe.  Another tip for the slender frame is to try a cute necklace.  Jewelry that is casual adds a curvy effect to a slim boyish frame by creating a feminine touch.  Try a silver necklace which is casual enough to match well to a swimsuit.

This bathing suit has the string bikini look but you won’t have to worry about falling out of it or something getting untied or too much exposure of certain body parts.  No adjustments needed.  An older woman can learn something else about this example as well.  She’s demonstrating perfect beach hair and makeup.  Look at her natural makeup look and soft hair and learn from it.  Too much makeup will age you so take a tip from this photograh and keep your beach makeup and hair soft and natural looking.  You’ll chop years off your age.  Cute!

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