Brigitewear sheer swimsuits

Brigitewear catalog for women has some super sexy women’s swimwear, t-shirts, sarongs, tops and jewelry. I really like this barely there sheer tan through one piece thong-style swimsuit. While this look is too skimpy for most women (it has a¬†revealing back too LOL) it shows some useful slimming tricks.

Sexy hardware

The sexy hoop in the front on this swimsuit shows us that added details makes a suit stand apart from the rest. Wow that is sexy. Women tend to be bedazzled by fancy prints like floral and Hawaiian bright colors. Solid covers however, tend to be more slimming. When you take solid covers and add gorgeous details like hardware rings, hoops, tassels or string ties it makes a slimming solid color suit into something very special. A key slimming trick is to look for solid colors with unique details.

Sexy edging

The sexy string ties and contrasting dazzle turquoise edging takes this swimsuit into the incredibly gorgeous zone. Again, solid colors are more slimming but tend to be boring. If you’re going solid and want a punch of color, look for bright contrast string ties or edging details such as shown here. So pretty and sexy!

Plunging neckline

Flat chested women look great in a plunging necklines. Instead of getting obsessed with push up bras and padded swimsuits, just own it. If you’re flat chested look for a deep v-neck with cool hardware details at center. I promise the onlooker won’t be thinking how flat you are they will be thinking how gorgeous you are.

High cut legs

OK this high cut leg is over the top exposure and most women won’t be able to put on a swimsuit like this one. After all, the rear side is a total thong and that’s not only hard to pull off but a little bit too much exposure. What you can take from this is the hint though. It’s that a higher cut leg is going to make you appear to have longer legs. If you have short legs make sure to look for a higher cut swimsuit rather than a boy-short type that cuts straight across the leg. High cut or french legs makes the legs appear longer than they are.

I found this cute sheer inspired swimsuit on shop-brigite. Cute merchandise, and this barely there thong back one piece suit is tan through sheer. You can get an all over tan wearing it. If you plan to wear this one in public you would probably want to purchase a sarong to go over the back.


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