Do you want to look spectacular in a swimsuit? Don’t just buy the first swimsuit you see! You can go from ordinary to spectacular if you take the time to hunt for a swimsuit that is extra special. It is worth the extra money. A good swimsuit can last for a few years and if you feel beautiful in it then it is a good investment.

One way to up your sex appeal is to find a suit that has extraordinary detail to it that sets it apart. And, it must look flattering on you. This girl shown can look good in any swimsuit, I am sure she would look great in a bikini. But her exotic looking one piece really makes her look hot! I love the bustier style ties going all the way down the front.

Now if you are skinny with a great figure you can do this. But if you have figure problems or weight issues never fear. You can take this concept to heart and look for the same ideas in a larger suit. For example, you could look for exotic ties down the side of the suit or the back that will give a similar effect without this degree of body exposure.

This suit is from San Diego swimsuit designer Sauvage.  Sauvage swimwear has a small collection of swimwear designs and what they feature is always above and beyond.   Sauvage is one of those companies that manage to get their swimwear featured in Sports Illustrated. Why?  Because the designs take that extra step to look amazing and unique.  A woman who wears a Sauvage suit is going to stand out.

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