This body shaper women’s swimsuit has several slimming concepts built into the swimsuit design. I believe this swimsuit is from Ujena swimwear as they have a specific body shaping swimsuit cut that looks identical to this.

The one piece swimsuit shown in this photograph features vertical lines and a colored front panel that adds shape illusion to the torso and makes the waist look smaller. While this illusion of a different color or print material swath swirling down the front of the bathing suit with the solid color off to the left and right of it definitely works to slim you, you need to be careful. Pick swimsuit color combinations that look playful and fun but more importantly blend well together.  You don’t want your efforts to slim yourself to look too blatantly obvious.

Have you ever seen those T-shirts that have a picture of a thin girl in a bikini emblazoned on the front of the t-shirt as a practical joke as if to say this is the thin version body me of? Well if you aren’t careful with the colors here, this body shaper inner panel trick can look rather obvious just like those t-shirts.  The body slimming trick works, but good colors are a must make it look natural on you, not screaming out “I’m trying to look thin”.  As long as you are careful to pick colors that look natural and attractive on you then you should be OK.

I love this square neckline, the solid spaghetti straps, the shelf bra in this shaper swimsuit and most importantly the belt detail.   The belt detail is not only cute, it’s another slimming trick that effectively makes the legs look flattering.  This shaper swimsuit has a cute scooped back in the bottom and the high cut legs, which both make legs look longer. A woman with a square or block shaped bottom is going to look more feminine and curvaceous as a result of these style tricks.

This women’s body shaper swimsuit exemplifies a swimsuit manufacturers slenderizing bathing suit style tricks. It has the inset front panel that gives an illusion of a thinner curvy body, the belt detail and high cut leg to elongate the legs and slenderize thighs, and the body shaper quality nylon/Lycra fabric to keep body tucked in nicely.

As long as you pick color combinations that look natural and not to I’m trying to look thinner obvious, your body is going to look absolutely great in this style. It’s going to make you look ten pounds thinner, no doubt about it.

Ujena Swimwear for women’s body shaper swimsuit style

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