Are you a woman who worries about hiding flaws in your swimsuit more than anything else? This is a common fear women have. They want to cover everything with figure flaws such as a chubby or loose skinned belly, a large buttock or love handles. Plus size women get into even more fears as they may not like the way their arms or chest looks. I have a best friend who is plus sized and she hates to show her cleavage when in fact her cleavage is a great asset!

She also hates the bat-wing look of the arms and shuns swimsuits for this reason. Whenever she wears a swimsuit it is likely to be dark colored, conservative, and frumpy. She winds up looking like a blob and guess what shows the most when you do that? The flabby arms! If you cover too much you wind up doing nothing to flatter your figure. Does this sound like you too? If so, you need to understand that your mind for a swimsuit should consider not just coverage. You must adopt the idea of bait and switch. Bait and switch means that you don’t just cover flaws you showcase assets. Showcasing assets is the key to looking better in swimwear. Every woman has some nice aspect to her figure and that’s what you must play up in order to play down the figure flaws.

So what if you feel that there is nothing on your figure to show off? Never fear there is always some aspect to your figure that is a positive and even if there isen’t you can expose an unexpected area of skin that makes a feature where there was none before. Look at this swimsuit depicted here, from designer Cala Ossidiana. It’s got the homemade, crochet, bikini look to it but it is extremely well constructed and far from flimsy. What’s great is that this unique swimsuit makes the woman’s back into a feature! If you have a chubby belly or flat chest for example, why not play up your back? It’s a great idea.

Most women have pretty nice backs yet they don’t realize that they can play them up. This suit is also flattering to the bottom with the scoop round bottom and the knotting at the lower back. It’s adorable! Remember that you can utilize a flattering color or feature an unexpected area of skin in order to downplay your other flaws. Bait and switch is an important trick for looking better in a swimsuit. Don’t just hide and cover the flaws. Play up and draw attention to your best assets because that minimizes the flaws and diverts attention away from them.

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