I found this adorable corset lace up swimsuit by Swimdy2 on a fashion collection site called Indulgy. What I like about this swimsuit is that the solid color is super slimming.  This can slenderize a tummy that has some budge or excess skin left-over from pregnancy.

Sexy corset styling on this Swimdy2 swimsuit

This swimsuit also illustrates an important point for flattering your figure ladies. The detail of the corset lace up side is key. This little sexy detail makes a simple black swimsuit look hot, hot, hot. And notice that it does not reveal the entire chest or tummy like the usual bikinis swimsuits do.  It has more of a peek-a-boo sex appeal to it.

This is a great pointer for women who do not want to reveal too much but still want to look sexy. Look for special little eye catching details! A lace-up or cutout in an unexpected place can make a boring swimsuit look extraordinary!

Sexy swimwear details

If you are looking for plus size or slenderizing swimsuits, always try to find one that has a surprising little sexy touch to it. It may be a lace-up, a cutout, a keyhole, cool hardware, sexy straps, eye-catching fabric or a sheer see through panel. These little touches can take a simple one piece and make it look uber fashionable. Indulgy is a cute web site that has a Pinterest feel to it where you can collect favorite items that you select.  Sites like this give you so many cool swimsuit ideas.

Corset lace-up Swimdy2 swimsuit

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