This women’s tankini swimsuit is wonderful for the woman who wants to conceal a bit of a tummy. Whether it is early pregnancy, or after pregnancy, a chubby belly or just loose skin around the midiff, this swimsuit with the flowing layers in front can really hide a chubby tummy.

Playful magenta tankini

What I love about this swimsuit is that the playful bright magenta color exudes a youthful spirit. I like the modest coverage and I think the swimsuit looks light and airy while at the same time the color is just dark enough to do some slenderizing magic.  It’s a tankini but you can’t tell its a tankini and I like that.  Even with the layers the swimsuit still looks lightweight and wearable.

Tummy conscious swimsuits

Women who are self-conscious about their belly are the pickiest of all! The tummy is a tender subject for women and with a frock type peasant top like this a self-conscious woman can finally just relax. Of all figure flaws the chubby belly is the most sore topic for some reason. Women who don’t like their tummy tend to be extremely self-conscious about that area. They refuse to wear anything tight on the stomach. That is why I love this swimsuit so, so much. It will really make you feel confident and totally glamorous while lounging poolside.

This plus size fabric is constructed of high quality, chlorine resistant fabric for longer wear. You can find this tankini available at Swimsuits for All. Finally, this is a tankini swimsuit that looks absolutely adorable, hides the tummy incredibly well, is stylish and youthful, and most of all, it fits well for a tummy conscious woman.

Swimsuits for all

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