If you want to look slender in a swimsuit, look for these five slenderizing swimsuit traits.

A defined waistline is slenderizing

Swimsuits that help define a waistline either by having a panel or curving style through the waistline always slenderize amazingly well. This slenderizing one piece swimsuit from Venus swimwear shows an example of this. The inset polka-dot panel on this swimsuit cuts in at the waist then curves out, which slenderizes her.

Solid deeper colors slenderize

Solid deeper color swimsuits slenderize well. They don’t have to be black, in fact this swimsuit is a navy blue color. The point is that deeper colors hide flaws. Black, navy blue, deep purple, emerald green, radiant blue, and burgundy are jewel tones that slenderize just as well as the color black.

Swimsuits that are mostly solid in color with some accents tend to slenderize better than swimsuits with huge floral or other noisy geometric patterns. This swimsuit is mostly navy blue. The white dots on the inset add a little color pop yet not so much that the slenderizing effect of the solid color is removed.

Moderate coverage slenderizes

Obviously covering body flaws with fabric can help slenderize. With a supportive nylon material, a swimsuit such as this can hide a tummy, love handles, and bottom bulge. But you have to get the right coverage. Your goal should be to get coverage where you need it, but show skin where it flatters you. This is the ultimate bait and switch slenderizing trick. Cover the areas that are less desirable and create attraction to the areas that are desirable.

Coverage is important when it comes to hiding belly bulge and a jiggly rear end. You are going to want a sturdy supportive fabric to keep the belly and waistline smooth. If you have bottom jiggle and bigger thighs you will want a swimsuit that gives good rear coverage and cuts across the thighs at a point you feel comfortable with. This Venus one piece gives moderate coverage to her legs yet it still comes up a bit at the outer thighs. The gentle scoop up the leg such as shown here is generally more slenderizing than a boy-short leg that cuts straight across the thigh.  The gentle v-shape created by the bathing suit at the legs is slenderizing.

Attract eyes to the assets to slenderize

This swimsuit is a perfect example of how you can attract attention away from flaws by attracting attention to the positive areas of your figure. In this case attention is attracted to her chest with the center cut-out and to an hourglass shaped waistline with the polka dot inset. The interesting peek-a-boo cutout makes her chest look incredible! Eyes upon her are lifted right up to her chest giving her a free body lift.

Clean sleek looks slenderize

Simple, sleek clean looks are going to be the most slenderizing. Supportive straps, strong stretch nylon that supports, and appropriate padding can help a swimsuit body look clean, sleek, and bulge free. Simple color schemes help as well. Check your overall appearance when wearing a swimsuit and keep everything simple and clean.

Minimize accessories and apply a hint of fake tanner to give your body a healthy glow. Avoid sweatpants or messy cutoffs. A skirt, crochet cover-up, or clean and neat looking shorts will compliment your swimsuit look and keep you looking slender overall. A polished looking swimsuit with moderate coverage and a good fit such as this one from Venus will make you look your best at the beach or swimming pool this summer.

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