If you are a petite woman then no matter how great your figure you might just feel like you melt into the woodwork.  So, how do you make your petite beauty stand out?  With a bikini that stands out.  This monokini is beyond cute for a petite frame.

The bright purple dazzles and the interesting bottom design with the connection to the top is so original.  Usually a pattern is a bad idea but this suit gets it right.  The top is solid color and the interest in the bottom is fantastic. 

She looks completely adorable and exotic at the same time.  If you are petite, try an interesting bikini.  You’re going to want a unique design that really pops.  If you wear a suit like this one you are going to turn heads even if you have a tall thin supermodel standing right next to you.  Really nice.  Not able to locate the swimsuit store that sells this one as yet but its a definite thumbs up.  Monokini’s are usually horrid but when you land upon again one, its really good!  The Hawaiian model is a beauty in this photograph.

  4 Responses to “Flattering monokini for a petite woman”

  1. Would like to purchase this suit… How can I do that?

    • Love this swimsuit too yet didn’t have the purchase reference for it at the time of writing this blog post. Will try to locate it for sale and reply back. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Wondering if we knew what brand this cute was? Did we figure out were to purchase?

  3. Purchase info? I really want this suit. Thanks!

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