If you want to dazzle in that bikini or one piece swimsuit this summer you must be prepared to shop, shop and shop. Rather than buying that floral frumpy one piece, you have to be willing to shop for unique and inspired swimwear. This is true for the girl with the perfect body and even more true for the plus sized woman.

Try on alot of swimsuits, 30-40 until selecting one to buy. Before buying a style online make sure to try on similar concepts in the local stores. You can find some true gems online but be prepared for some returns and headaches as you can never tell what something will look like until it is on you. Still though, if you are looking for something unique then online is where you’ll find it.

Look at this Kenneth Cole Reaction blue under-wire bikini top as inspiration. The unique strapping, fabric, color and even the back tie which you can’t see in this photo is original. It has a rainbow strap with white, pink, orange and brown at the back.

This is the type of piece that is so original. You could pair this with a brown bikini bottom or tan, and look absolutely amazing. Or, match bottoms to one of the colors in the back tie such as emerald green. Mismatched pairing of tops and bottoms to create a unique combination is 100% in style right now for 2012.

This one was located on the online marketplace bonanza.com which has the motto everything but the ordinary. Cool! Remember that online shared sites that sell original and barely used apparel can be gold mines for finding that unique swimwear.  The different vendors sell unique items that you wouldn’t come close to seeing in your local department store.  Try bonanza, etsy, ebay, amazon, thisnext for ideas and novelty inspired pieces and inspiration!

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