If you’re looking for a figure flattering swimsuit tip look no further than this ruffle!  Most swimwear experts are aware of what a few well placed ruffles can do to enhance and flatter a woman’s figure.  This swimsuit photo is wonderful!  It’s a two piece that has a sexy ruffle on top which is sure to grab attention, and adorable bottoms. 

It looks a little retro because of the polka dots and off to the side shoulder straps but trust me ruffles are in style right now big time. Ruffles on swimsuit tops do three things.  First of all, they attract attention there.  She has the perfect body yet if you have some flaws elsewhere on the body a well positioned ruffle will deflect focus away from other problem areas and to the ruffle area which in this case, is the top.  What does that mean?  Instant visual body lift!  Second of all, ruffle tops are small breast enhancers.  If you are flat chested a ruffle decor on a swimsuit top can add some weight, texture and feel to that area.  Ruffles can also hide bra padding inserts or gels nicely.  You can place the enhancing pads into the top to make you look fuller and the ruffles will make the pads blend in and look realistic.

Lastly, a few ruffles leave something to the imagination.  Men love this!  You’d think that men would love ultra mini bikinis yet in surveys men say that such skimpy swimwear leaves too little to the imagination.  When it comes down to it men like the basic bikini with moderate feminine coverage the best.  This ruffle top as well as the bottom has enough coverage to make you look like a girlfriend rather than a vacation fling.  It’s youthful and sexy but not too revealing and leaves something to the imagination.

The cute side ties on these bikini bottoms will help decorate and glamourize a buttock that has some cellulite to it.  If you have some junk in the trunk there then these long side ties will be a great distraction.  You’ll just look curvy and voluptuous.  Overall this suit is a winner since it gets everything right.  Because the pattern is pretty loud choose a low key overall style like hers with minimal jewelry and natural makeup.  This swim suit with the ruffles and polka dots make enough of a statement and it needs nothing more to accessorize it.

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