I love swimwear fashion that takes design ideas from the corsets of the old days.  Corsets certainly do wonders for the figure as they cinch in the waist.  The effect creates a better waist to hip ratio which is a major factor of attraction for men.  Curvy is in.  Now perhaps you don’t want to be strung up too tight in a rib crushing lingerie number or bathing suit.  Relax you won’t suffocate because swimsuit styles that are based on the corset concept don’t need to be whale-bone rigid or rib crishing tight.  They come in soft materials too. 

Some corset inspired swimsuits aren’t even true corsets.  They just incorporate design ideas from the classic corset style.  They might have ruching, a wrap-around torso, gathering at the waist, a belted waist, or merely give the illusion of a cinched waist.  If a swimsuit has sexy corset type string ties, hook and eye clasp closures, or just a cinched waist it can rock the sexy.  As long as the bathing suit has the overall effect of shrinking the waist either visually or physically, then a corset style swimsuit is working its magic.

This example corset inspired bandeau one piece from Zimmerman store is definitely corset and lingerie inspired.  The solid straps and psuodo ribbing effect visually zeros focus in on the waist effectively shrinking it.  It’s more forgiving than a real corset and made from soft material nevertheless is looks corset-like.  Also note the uplifting bra cups which is another vintage inspired statement.  Sexy!

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