You see these tassel bikinis and tribal bikinis and although they look great in photographs you wonder who would really wear this stuff at the beach!  Many a bikini is sexy and hot but its debatable whether you’d be caught dead wearing it!  Here are a few tips for adopting that funky style and looking appropriate and even hot in it!

First of all, pick an off-beat trendy swimsuit for a fun frolicking occasion.  A barbecue at the beach, funky pool party with music, or a crazy get together.  When the venue is appropriate you can be more out there in your outfit.  If you have the right spirit men would look at you as fun, playful and even adventurous! 

Embrace your funky style!  This trendy bikini has the tassels reminiscent of the old school fringe dresses.  It also can be interpreted as a little bit cowgirl.  What is great about this outfit is the playful model paired it with a funky hat that protects her skin in the sun.  The hat and swimsuit don’t really match but in an odd way they do match.  Both are fun, playful and free spirited!

If you want to be playful and rambunctious then go out there with your bikini.  Perfect for a fun frolicking day, pair your bikini with a great hat and get yourself in a good mood.  Embracing your personal sense of style and going for it can be sexy as all get out.  Remember the fact that men love, love, love women in costumes.  Men love Halloween and adore it when girls get their playful on with dress up.  This summer beach outfit embraces the same idea of playful dress up and fun. 

If you have self confidence you can be more adventurous with your swimsuit and pull it off.  Crazy summer swimsuit styles can look hot but they are not for the faint of heart!  While you might look at a girl in an offbeat swimsuit as crazy, trust me the men will look at the girl as interesting, playful, confident, bouncy and just fun!

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