You might know about the recent trend that the younger women are wearing which is high waisted shorts.  You see this shorts style at stores from Brandi Melville, Urban Outfitters to Forever 21 for the young crowd.  Every one from Miley Cyrus to Jessica Simpson has been spotted in these high waisted so called mom jeans.  Some thought the trend would be merely a flash in the pan but high waisted shorts still seem to be in style for certain fashion forward women who embrace the retro style.

High waisted shorts bikini

Now guess what? This trend has actually found its way into the swimsuit world!  I am not so sure I like the high waisted bikini bottoms but it is finding its place as a top swimsuit trends for 2013.  One of my favorite swimsuit sites Doll Swimwear features these swimsuits for summer.  They reflect a pinup style and have a bandeau bow top and a classic retro high waisted shorts bikini bottom.  The Scrunch Butt style in back is a nice touch too.  The top is lined with optional padding and the bottom is half lined.

This swimsuit is called the Solid navy blue modern fit bandeau top classic high wasited shorts bikini and can be found for purchase at Doll Swimwear’s online store.  It’s a  made in the USA look for gutsy girls who embrace the retro look and fashion forward styles.

Doll swimwear

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